Turn sixty minutes into sales... and more sales.

"The More Ebooks You

"Have for Sale, the Greater Your Income.

"Turn Idle Minutes

"Into Added Income... Today."

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Use your spare minutes...
Turn them into cash -- write, then sell. Sell both nonfiction and fiction;
A great new write-and-sell strategy...
Develop your own profitable income streams and boost your hourly rate into the stratosphere;
Turn your writing career around today...
Whatever you're earning now, you can make much more money, and work fewer hours too.
If you want to boost your writing income in just sixty minutes, and do that over and over again, read on...
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Hi Fellow Writer

How's your income? If you're like most of my writing students, you're struggling hard to stay in the same place. Months and years of meeting your commitments to clients make you dread writing.

Your income's not going up either. You need another, better strategy.

This strategy involves selling information AND entertainment, in bite-sized pieces.

People are looking for information -- and they'll pay for it

The online world is vast. Countless millions of people are online, and they're looking for information on an endless variety of topics.

You can tap into that huge market for information. Just create your own products: you write once, and then you sell, pretty much forever.

Create your own multiple income streams FAST-- and keep doing it.

People are looking for entertainment, as well. Provide it, because they pay for that, too

Amazon's changed the world for writers. Not only can writers now profit from nonfiction, they can sell entertainment, in the form of fiction, too. Short stories entertain, and they sell. Readers are looking for stories they can read anywhere, anytime, on their smart phones and tablets.

If you're stuck trading hours for dollars, create multiple income streams, as well

You're working a day job, with little time for writing. Or you're writing for clients, and have to write like a demon to keep the dollars flowing in.

But what if you could turn 60 minutes into an income stream? And do it over and over again?

I do it, my students do it, and you can too.

This strategy can be used by any writer, immediately, no matter how new to writing and selling, and no matter how time-poor. We've all got spare minutes.

Just turn your spare minutes into SHORT ebooks you can sell.

Sell your "short writes" on Amazon: in 52 weeks, you can have 52 ebooks selling

Self-publishing is EASY, and profitable, if you publish what people want.

What if you created a short Kindle ebook a week? At the end of a year, you'd have 52 Kindle ebooks selling.

The more ebooks you have for sale, the greater your income. Let's see how this works

We'll say that you're a brand new writer, and have ten ebooks (fiction and nonfiction) for sale at $3.99 each.

You make one sale per day of each ebook:

10 x 1 x $3.99 x 70% = $27.93 per day, which is $195.51 per week. (Re the "70%": Amazon pays you 70% of ebooks priced $2.99 to $9.99.)

You do no marketing, you only Amazon's New Releases to promote your ebooks as you publish them.

So you write more ebooks, and you will sell more of each copy, because you're more visible.

Let's say you've published 52 ebooks; one a week for a year.

Your sales...

52 x 1 x 3.99 x 70% = $145 per day; this is $52,925 per year.

In practice, you'll sell many more copies than one per day of some ebooks. Let's say that out of 52 ebooks, you have three good sellers, which sell 20 copies per day each.

That's 60 x $3.99 x 70% = $167.58 per day. Over 365 days, that's an
additional $61,166 per year.

You can play with these numbers. And you will, once you start publishing. The above figures give you an idea of the possibilities, when you "write short."

How "short" can your short ebooks be?

Aim for around 5,000 words, or slightly under. Yes, that means you'll need to write each day.

It will take you a month or two to get comfortable writing 1,000 words a day, but soon you'll be able to write that in an hour or less.

Write Short: Sizzling Success from Short Reports and Short Stories -- write SHORT nonfiction and fiction, and build a great income stream

Would you like to build a steady, ongoing income writing short nonfiction and fiction ebooks? Jump on the publishing bonanza...
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Write, sell, and watch your income increase, month by month...
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Maximize your current writing time by writing SHORT nonfiction:
Turn your spare minutes into dollars;
Repurpose articles and other material you already have into short nonfiction:
If you have articles, or blog posts, or research, you can turn that information into cash (that's what I'm doing);
Find topics for short reports everywhere:
You'll never run out of HOT topics. Discover how you can turn your everyday life into short reports;
Write short FICTION: turn your imagination into dollars when you write short stories
Short stories SELL on Amazon.
Discover how and where to sell your short nonfiction and fiction.
No website? No problem. You'll be up and selling within minutes;
Offer your short nonfiction to your current clients.
TOP SECRET: a clever and profitable upsell strategy; you'll discover exactly how to use it.
Write a short nonfiction report, or a short story a week, for spare-time income;
Your short material will make money for you for months and years to come.

I couldn't wait to share this. Here's what writers have said about the short reports strategy...

"I was selling affiliate products on my blog... too much competition. Wrote two short reports and sold on the same day. Very easy instructions, great potential -- my mind's buzzing." Hal C. USA
"Another winner, Angela. I implemented the strategy for writing short reports for my current clients... Received instant PayPal payments. Easy! Thank you." Sandy P. UK
"Love your suggestions. This is the best product yet. I advertised my new short reports service last week... I'm booked solid for the rest of the month." Reese W.

Short reports are an easy income stream for new writers, and established writers

I love the "write short" strategy, because it's for every writer. If you can write at all, you can write short nonfiction and fiction. And you can get started today.

Here's what you receive in your "write short" package

I've included everything you need to write and sell in your short reports package.
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Write Short: Sizzling Success from Short Reports and Short Stories
PDF, 97 pages.

This guide includes complete instructions, and a tutorial.

PLUS 5 other PDF tutorials to help you to sell your short material on the Web, and on Amazon.

BONUSES too...

This strategy is super-easy, and I know you'll love it.
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Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID
PDF, 51 pages.
Finally, your solution to charging appropriately for your writing, in all forms.

This bestselling program has helps writers to get over the fear of setting prices for their writing.
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Bonus coaching: got questions? Get answers
As with most of my products, you receive free coaching....

Fifteen minutes of coaching. This is a $75 value, just on its own.

This strategy is so important to your long-term success as a writer that I'm determined that you'll make full use of it, so do take advantage of this.

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Either way, you receive a link via email for an instant download.


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We're always ready to help

Need help? Not only do you receive coaching, but you can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy the package -- I had lots of fun creating it for you, and you'll have fun putting the info into action. :-)


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.